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Types of air filters



If you own a vehicle, then you understand how important air filters are.

This unit is designed to deliver clean oxygen to a car engine.

This increases the engine’s horsepower and torque. Moreover, it can improve fuel efficiency.

As a result of useful role served by these units, you need to purchase the right one for the car.

You should note that they are of different types. Thus, you need to be careful when buying one. On our site, we will guide you and give you tips on how to select the right type of air filter for your vehicle so that you will have the power and performance that you deserve.


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The following are common types:

- Gauze These are units that provide air flow and filtration.

In fact, a lot of people like these units because they are highly durable.

If they are maintained well, then they can live just like the car.

- Performance filters These types of air filters are re-usable.

They can be purchased at local stores.

Although they are expensive, they eliminate the need for replacements. This can save you a lot of money.

Also, these units reduce fuel consumption. They can boost your car engine horsepower.

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